Sunday, July 13, 2008

Enjoying the fruits....

....of my labor. I am sitting here eating cucumbers...from my garden...yum. I might just have to slice some of those tomatoes I got from Nanny (Chad's grandmother) today. They are from an Amish family in Mitchell. They have to be good right?

A lot has happened since I posted last.
1. Amaya became an official walker - not going back to crawling. =) She can squat and get back up and walk away. It's been fun to watch her waddling away.
2. I started baby-sitting Davin (Pastor David and Sumer's little boy). Amaya loves to "play" with him and "share" her toys. She's so cute. (I baby-sit on Mondays and Tuesdays)
3. Amaya started saying "One" courtesy of Shipee Mommy teaching her. Whenever she hears someone say One, she repeats it and raises her finger.
4. I've weeded and weeded the garden...gone are the days of no weeds. The first year we had a garden, I was blessed- we had absolutely no weeds....last year we had a few and this year, they decided to come all at once.
5. We visited Shipshe again and saw our "new baby" for the first time. Quite a little wiggler and dancer for us when we saw the ultra sound. I am 10 1/2 weeks's been a pretty easy pregnancy. This week, the tiredness started to hit me. Yesterday I was pretty cranky all day. We had a guest speaker at church and we always eat dinner with them - after the service. Needless to say the service ended at 10pm so we headed over to the Hospitality Suite at the hotel and did not leave until 11:45...way too late for this pregnant mama. We were thankful that Poppy (Chad's Grandpa) could come and stay with Amaya so I brought her home around 8:30 put her to bed and headed back to church.

6. Chad did not get the job he applied for - but we are believing for a better opportunity and a better open door. I believe that God opens and shuts doors as He sees fit!!

Testimony about my teaching job (in 2005): When I graduated, it was in Dec. so I didn't look for a job right away b/c a lot was happening. I was a nanny for Jack and Andrew (twin nephews) and I was getting married 5 months later. I just believed God that He would open that door. As Chad and I gave tithes and offerings I constantly believed that He would provide open windows from Heaven as Malachi 3:10 states. Well our wedding came and went and the summer continued to pass away and it was the end of July and I still didn't have a job. At Chad's urging I talked with some guidance counselors at a local school and they told me of some schools that I had never heard of. They told me to mention their name b/c the principal or some other person at the school knew them. That Monday I started searching the schools they talked about and there was the "perfect job." I didn't even know Cloverdale existed till Sunday. Well on Monday and Tuesday I worked on updated my resume and sent it off on Wednesday afternoon about 3:30. At 10 on Thursday morning I received a call from Susan, the principal and she wanted to set up an interview the next week. Chad and I were leaving for Canada on Friday evening so we set up the interview for Friday morning (the next day) was quite a whirlwind time. Anyway, I got the call while we were still in Canada but I couldn't check my voicemail until I was back in the states. I got that Wednesday of the following week (a week and a half before school started). God truly does open doors when none seem to be open. And what was funny - that principal didn't even know those guidance was only God!!