Tuesday, February 23, 2010

If I were wealthy...

This post was inspired by Lara's post a few weeks ago.  She asked what would you do if you had more money.

Here is my list.
1. I would eat mini baby-bell cheese everyday (I can probably do this now but it's bit pricey).=)
2. I would get a pedicure every other week.
3. I would get a manicure every week with the latest nail polish.
4. I would buy the freshest food (or have my own greenhouse so I can grow veggies year round).
5. I would have a relaxing bubble bath every day while someone else watched my kids.
6. I would have a personal trainer at the Y where I would learn how to swim.
7. I would get a haircut every month along with a scalp massage (that sounded so good when you posted it Lara).
8. I would get an hour long massage every week.
9. I would own many necklaces and bracelets to match every outfit.
10. I would have 10+ more pairs of shoes.
11. I would go on major shopping trips every month or every other month.
12. I would buy the most comfortable shoes for Chad.
13. I would have someone else style my hair for a special event every week.
14. I would own an medium sized SUV that is washed and cleaned every week.
15. I would DEFINITELY hire a housekeeper.
16. I would build a bakery/coffee shop.
17.  I would build our garage that included a natural light photo studio.

18.  One more thing I have to add...I would buy all the "pretties" in the world for my little girl.  She does love her "pretties".
Wow, my list is extremely long....but that's what I would do.  What would you do?

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Just another bump in the road...

My name for my business is not going to work after all.  I thought I was being so clever...turns out my clever is also someone else's clever and someone else's and...well you get the picture. 

So far literally ALL the names I've liked for my photography business have been taken by several other people.  There is one name..that's a maybe..that hasn't been used. But it's not totally a keeper.  It's a bit frustrating but just a little bump in the road. 

If you have any suggestions let me know...there may be something in it for ya if I happen to choose your name. =)

On another note, the other day I heard a song from probably my favorite group of all time. I've been watching, listening to this group since their son was around 1 (I think). He is now 18+ so that's a looong time.  They are a Southern Gospel group.  I think one of the main reasons I like Jeff and Sheri Easter is that they write real songs.  They sing with passion and really mean what they say.  The song I heard the other day was one of their newest songs...(BTW: I can't wait to get their new CD).  I think my family owns every single CD/cassette they have ever released. They are definitely a favorite among all of us (well, Alice, and my mom and dad that is).

Here is the song I heard recently:  Born to Climb
the video is just black on this youtube link and the song plays twice...it's not a 7 minute song..just in case you wonder. I know many of you may not like this type of music so I'll post the words...I think the song has so much meaning especially when you know that Sheri was diagnosed with breast cancer in June 2008 and spent much of the next year undergoing treatments/surgeries for that. She is now Cancer free! Praise God!!

I cannot find the lyrics so I guess you will just have to listen. =)

Look at the beautiful snow!!

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Superbowl Party Pics

Hey all...here is the link to view the pictures from the Super Bowl Party at City Church.

We had a lot of fun even though the Colts lost. Enjoy the pictures. Feel free to share them with whoever was there that night.

Super Bowl Party

Monday, February 15, 2010

Some of my first pics...

Here are some of the pictures from the party yesterday...the lighting wasn't the best but I had fun and took a TON of pictures.  You don't have to ask me twice to snap away.
One of my favorites of the two grandmothers of baby Julia (Marty & LoraLee's little baby).  It is so fun to see some pink and purple in their house.  Don't get me wrong I love my nephews, I just love that God has blessed them with a little girl too!!

So frustrating...I'm trying to put captions under these photos and I can't...arg...so here they are.
First picture - grandmothers
Second Picture - Birthday Boys Jack & Andrew and cousin Marty (he just got in there - he was helping them unwrap...=)
Third Picture - Another birthday boy, Elijah
Fourth Picture - Nephew Tristan
Fifth picture - Nephew Brodie

Saturday, February 13, 2010

so excited......

my new camera
and my new
Here's what may be my logo...not sure yet.
But that is my name. 
It will probably be a little different design.
I just wanted to get the name out there.
What do you think?
Still so much to think about..
but just wanted you to know!

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

My latest Photo Shoot

Here's my latest photo shoot of Makiyah...enjoy!

 He wasn't very cooperative but you couldn't tell by these pictures...I was trying to get a rustic look. 
How do you think I did? 
BTW: My dream is very close to being realized!! If you don't know what I mean, I'll post later. 

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Friday, February 5, 2010

My Warning Label

So the other day, I saw this warning label on my lemonade mix.
Allergy Warning: May contain traces of milk, eggs, tilapia, coconut, wheat and soy.

Ok, this is on a lemonade mix...tilapia, eggs??  What is up with that?  WEIRD! 

This got me thinking, what would my warning label look like. This is what I came up with:

Warning: May contain spontaneous bursts of frustration, joy, laughter, flatulence, and shouts.  Not responsible for outbursts of affection and bits of anger. 

I'm sure there is more I could add but for now this is it.  You heard it here...it's my warning label. 

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Makiyah's 1st Birthday!!

Makiyah turned ONE last Sunday.  I've been a bit busy this past week so I've been behind in posting this.  I CANNOT believe he is already one.  Maybe it's because he's so little still or maybe this year has just simply flown by.  Whatever it is, it's just CRAZY!! As always I like to write my kids letters on their birthdays.  Here's my letter to Makiyah followed by some first birthday pictures.

Makiyah, you are my little man. I love to call you my man Mak..not to be confused with "my wonderful" who is your daddy.  I love you so much.  This year has been a bit of what seems like a roller coaster.  Just over a year ago, we welcomed you into this world.  You were 12 days early and your birth was much easier than Amaya's....we came home from the hospital after just one day.  (Partly because I felt so good and partly because we didn't have insurance). I have to confess we were a bit caught up in Amaya's "boo-boo" experience.  Just days after you were born she had her second surgery which didn't prove to be successful. So over the next several months, life was hard.  You didn't sleep much.  Daddy didn't have a full-time job and Mommy was stressed out A LOT! Mommy didn't quite give it all to God.  In April Daddy got a full-time job and in June Amaya had her third surgery which was SUCCESSFUL! In July, God spoke to me (Mommy) and told me that you will make people smile.  Up to that point, I had cried many tears of frustration and tiredness.  That day I cried tears of joy.  You were born in the midst of a very hard time in our life, but God used you to bring many, many smiles.  You have a great belly laugh that always makes Mommy and Daddy laugh too.  You find delight in the smallest things (even the toilet water).  You wobble around on your two little legs and as soon as you fall, you take off crawling at full speed.  I love how you try new things without the slightest hesitation.  You absolutely love to play with Amaya.  You squeal with delight when we go in her room to wake her up.  You immediately start talking to her and have lots to say.  You don't always appreciate when she wrestles with you but I'm sure one day you will like it more.  You laugh a lot at her and she likes to make you laugh. I love how you two play together. Amaya wants to give you hugs and kisses each day before naptime and bedtime.  You don't always appreciate those either. You have a bit of a temper and don't like when we take something away from you...particularly something that you have been chewing on that's not safe (it's like you already know).  You even bit daddy really hard the other day and got so mad your face was completely red.  We'll have to work on that temper a bit as you get older. One thing that I absolutely love is your 'cuddles'.  You love when mommy or daddy holds you.  You can sleep that way for a long time.  We pray for you each day.  We pray that God will impart to you wisdom and life and strength!  We pray that you choose to follow God's will for your life! We love you our little man Mak!!  

(Both of his birthday parties happened on days that the Indianapolis Colts so we were always in Colts attire.)
The first party (top picture) was with my family (in Shipshewana) - we had a monkey theme for that one.  That birthday party was shared with two of his cousins: Brodie and Joshua.  My favorite birthday picture is the one on the left from that party.  Love his smile!
The second party was on his actual birthday with Chad's family.  I made the cake a fish since that was his first non-family word.