Friday, October 24, 2008

Things I love about Fall...

There are so many things I love about fall.

1. The colder fresh air.
2. Crunching leaves.
3. Apple Cider.
4. Persimmons
5. Fresh Warm Applesauce
6. Bonfires
7. S'mores
8. Leaves that are changing but haven't fallen yet
9. Hot drinks
10. Going to bed with cold sheets.

Amaya is almost 18 months or ONE AND HALF YEARS OLD!! It's crazy to think that she is that old already. She knows so many words now it's too many to count. She has also started mimicking everything we say. It's fun to hear her repeat what we've just said in her little voice.
One particularly cute thing she is saying right now. When Davin's (the little boy I baby-sit) mom comes to pick him up, she always says, "Hey Lady" to Amaya. So every time Amaya sees Sumer now, she says, "Hey Lady." We were watching TV one day and she kept saying, Hey Lady. I couldn't figure out why and then I realized she was watching the TV and she saw someone that looked like Sumer.
Last night we had our leaders meeting and we always have someone watch the kids while we are in that meeting. Sumer went to pick up Davin and she said as she was leaving, Amaya said tearfully, "Bye Lady."

Amaya not staying still long enough to pose for me in a cute little outfit.

Another cute story:
I've been singing to Amaya for a while now before she goes to bed. The most popular songs are "Jesus Loves me" and "Twinkle Twinkle Little Star."
Anyway, I've also started using the movements with "Jesus Loves Me." The other day I was singing to her and doing the movements and she did them with me. It's basically the sign language of the song. Children can just melt your heart.

Amaya has all her teeth for now (I think). I don't think there are anymore that will fit in her mouth. She has all her "fang" teeth as I call them. It was a little rough last week. She had fever on and off for two days and was very cranky. It was quite unlike her and caused a little bit if frustration for Mommy and Daddy. =) This week has been much better with less temper tantrums. She has started to act out more but if we keep her busy and occupied, she is less likely to act out. She's into colors (crayons) and doing things with her hands. Lots of little fine motor skills she is learning.

Another of Amaya's favorite activities is emptying the bottom drawer and sitting in it. She throws out all the towels and climbs in. This was taken at the end of Aug.

Friday, October 3, 2008

My Man

(This wasn't the picture that I had originally wanted to post but it's a fun one anyway.)
Just wanted to dedicate this post to "My Man." He's been looking for a job for a while now and I've been very blessed to have him at home around the house while I take care of Amaya while I do some more work.
Here are just some of the things he has done:
1. Finished the deck...there are no more holes that Amaya or anyone else could fall into. Since I started this post, he has also painted the deck.
2. Made me a clothesline....I love the smell of towels and sheets that have been hanging outside.
3. Cleaned up the brush and leaves around the house.
4. Gave me a good birthday present: DVD of our wedding day. (That footage had been on tapes since the wedding - it wasn't something that we could watch without a video camera)
Thank you Chad for doing all that you do. Thank you for the advice you give me, even when it's hard to hear. Thank you for being you!! I am so thankful that God gave me you. You are my Wonderful!!