Monday, September 15, 2008

More Cute Sayings...

I thought of a few more that I had to add...

Amaya has been saying "I love you" and last night was the cutest one I've heard. We were putting her in the crib and getting ready to leave so we told her "I love You" and she said while rubbing her eyes, "I Lub U"....oh so cute!!

She has also been saying please and thank you in sign language for a little while now but she has also started saying "thank you" verbally just the last few days.
This morning I was holding her and feeding her some of my cereal and my hand was over the area she uses to say please in sign language so she moved my hand said "mo please" and then replaced it. It was quite cute. Later she wanted more milk so I gave her some and then right after she had her drink, she said "tank u" works. Parenting really does work. (I've always believed that but it's nice to be re-affirmed by your child.)

There are so many more that I'm sure I'm missing but I'll blog about them later. =)

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Amaya's Cute Sayings

Today I was watching Notre Dame crush Michigan (woohoo!!!) and Amaya was just sitting beside me and watching "boot ball" which almost sounds like "butball" LOL....quite funny...she was entertained for almost 10 min. A true Mama's girl. =)

Amaya loves to say "AMEN" while we are saying our prayers so we taught her to say Amen when we say "Jesus" so at the end of the prayer she is just waiting for "In Jesus Name.....AMEN".
The other day we were listening to the radio and she heard Jesus so she said "AMEN." It took us a while to figure out why she kept saying it but we finally realized the person on the radio said it several times. cute. We are trying to teach her where Jesus is (in her heart) and she's gotten that He's somewhere in the vicinity of her ribs I guess that's close enough for right now - since our bodies are the temple of the holy ghost. =)

I found a cute Elmo book at Target today and since Amaya knows who that is, courtesy of Pampers Diapers, I thought it would be a good gift (in the $1 section). Anyway, she has been carrying that book around non-stop. I think that means she likes it. She even cried hard when we took it away to feed her supper. (Yikes)
Today she had a dirty diaper and I asked her what was in her diaper. She said, "Elmo."

I must say, we have truly been blessed with a sweet girl. I love how everything is so interesting to her and how curious she is. God is a good God!! Thank you for answering our prayers!

On another note: We'll find out what Baby #2 is on my birthday (Sept 18th). I am very excited to find out who "Baby Sky" is. He/She is kicking me as I am typing this. I am so amazed at how quickly I started feeling this one move around. I absolutely love it. The other night, I told Chad I wanted a little movement before I fell asleep and he said, "no, we are praying that he/she sleeps when we sleep." But Baby Sky gave me just a little kick (for mama) as I was falling asleep.

I am doing very good with this pregnancy. The only thing that I don't like is the veins in my legs really hurt so I have to wear compression hose all the time. It's not fun but it's worth it to grow our family. =) It's amazing the difference it makes when I don't wear them and when I do. I can instantly feel the blood moving down my legs. Kinda weird. I'll have to post some pregnancy pics soon. I'm still wearing my jeans and shirt b/c maternity just looks funny on me. Even my smallest shirts look like a tent right now. I guess this one is on track to be kind of like Amaya was in me. She wasn't a small baby, she was just wrapped around in there (I guess).

That's it for now. Maybe next time I will have some pics of David and Lara's wedding here in Bloomington, next time. I don't have them uploaded yet. I keep forgetting.

Friday, September 12, 2008

Trying Again

Our Nantucket Vacation

So I'm trying to blog again and be more "faithful" to my blog. I just got a little tired of updating it for a while. I was so busy with the garden and other things in life that this was the last thing that I wanted to do.

Since my last blog so much has happened but the best part was our "blessing" trip to Nantucket. We had an opportunity to vacation on the island for a week. A friend of ours blessed us with this time away and I can truly say it was a blessing. I've said it three times you think I mean it?

I looked forward to our time away all summer. We first had to go to Shipshe to meet up with mom and dad and Alice and Jason. They took this wonderful trip with us. We used the store's mini-van since it had bucket seats and a DVD player (the latter was the most important). It wasn't too bad. Amaya is a great traveler. I on the other had do not like the back left seat in the mini-van. There is this hard plastic thing that kept digging into my bum...not fun when you are driving 4 hours at a time without stopping (at least we tried for those time intervals). With two pregnant ladies it wasn't so easy to go that long. =)

Here are some pictures from our "picturesque" time.Amaya's first trip to the beach

View of Sunset from our roof-top patio

Chad and I on the patio

Amaya after she learned to climb on the chairs with her favorite toy (Harlee).