Thursday, December 31, 2009

The Final Moments of 2009

....what a year it has been.  We are sitting in our living room watching Slumdog Millionaire.  We've never seen it so we decided  to get it tonight.  We just returned from a week long trip to Shipshewana.  We were visiting my parents for the holidays.  All week, I've been trying to decide what we should do on this last night of the year.  We didn't have the energy to do much so home is where we decided to stay.

Chad and I are ringing in the new year together while the kids are asleep.  Amaya did not get a good nap today so she was out about the minute her head hit the pillow...literally.  =)  Staying at home has become commonplace with our young's not too bad actually.  I do look forward to partying in the new year in the future. =)


Saturday, December 26, 2009

Merry Christmas!

It's so crazy how Christmas is so far away for so long and then all of a sudden it's over. We had a great time with family.

We started celebrating on Dec. 12th with Chad's work celebration.  
at this event we had dinner and since they had a live band that was playing folksy / bluegrass music we did a FUN circle dance. It was a blast!!

On December 18th we had our life group party.
at this event we sang Christmas carols at two different assisted living places.  We narrated the Christmas story (including some of the kids).  This was also fun. I wish we could have spent more time at each place but it was a special night.  After caroling we headed back to the house where we have our life group and we enjoyed some soups and exchanged Christmas presents.  It was a night of much laughter!!

On December 20th we celebrated with Chad's family.
This is always a fun time.  Chad's mom likes to give special gifts.  She made these Santa bags or HUGE stockings for each family and they are filled to the brim with fun gifts for the whole family.  It's always fun to dump them out and see what's inside.  Amaya was also fun to watch since this was really her first year enjoying the presents she opened up.

On December 24th we celebrated with our kids. 
This had to be the highlight of my Christmas season.  Earlier this year, I found a toy kitchen at a re-sale shop.  I had been looking at new ones that were good quality and looked cute. =)  The ones I liked were all over $100 and there was NO way I was spending that much on my 2 yr old daughter.  I would rather be putting that money in a savings account for later. Sooo...on my birthday in Sept. my good friend Nicki (who I had just had lunch with at Olive Garden to celebrate me) called me and said she saw a toy kitchen for $40.  Anyway, instead of going home I went to the store and purchased it.  It's huge and Amaya calls it her house. She didn't get to play with it much since we left that day to come to Shipshewana.

On December 25th we celebrated with my family.  
 My family Christmas is always a bit interesting but very fun!!  This year for our gift exchange we gave gifts to the person who was just younger than us.  The youngest person then had the oldest person which is my dad. Our family spans from 1 month old, Julia to my dad who is 64. That's all 37 of us!!  At this celebration we usually have issues with the kids running around like crazy but my mom had a great idea this year!  She blocked off the path and thus put a stop to most of the chaos. My family loves to sing so before we opened gifts we sang some Christmas Carols.  We also played a couple games and ATE AND ATE!!

 ...and now we're done. 

We had a great time at each event.  I'm so thankful for family and friends!!


Monday, December 21, 2009

100th POST.......and a giveaway!

Wow...this is my 100th post.  Yay...I've been blogging for almost 2 years now.  WOW again!

Here is a pic taken around the same time I started blogging (with Amaya). 

Taken last Sunday (we were wearing the same colors).

So I've been thinking about this post for a couple weeks now.  I've been so busy with planning things and getting the Christmas shopping done that blogging has been put on the back burner.

Almost two years ago, I started this blogging thing. I had been thinking about it for a while and I finally decided to do it.  Amaya was 9 or 10 months old and she gave me lots of interesting things to talk about. I can't believe she is going to be three in a few months.  Time flies!!

It's kind of exciting to be writing the 100th post.  That means that I've written a lot.  Some posts have been short but the main thing is that I've stuck with it. I wasn't sure when I started how it was going to go but here I am almost two years and another baby later. =)

So much has happened in the last two years.  I am glad I decided to write about it all.  It's fun for me to go back and read about it.

Now on to the giveaway.  I was talking to a friend of mine, and she suggested I do a giveaway.  What a GREAT idea!!  Thanks Karina!  Since I've started blogging, I've also started crocheting.  It's something that I really love to do.  I don't have a whole lot of finished projects but some of them have been bigger projects and have taken me longer to complete.  So far, I've done 3 baby blankets and some scarves. 

Are you ready for the giveaway?'s a..........SCARF! Since, it's still in the process of being completed, I don't have a picture of it at this time but it's lime green color.

Just post a comment below and let me know how long you've been reading and you'll be entered into the contest to win my giveaway. 

Contest ends New Years Eve (December 31st)!

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Random Happenings & the Kids

The other night I was washing dishes and Chad had taken Amaya to our back bathroom.  Makiyah headed down the hall (I thought he was headed after them).  I didn't check on him right away and then I heard, "Honey, Do you know where your son is?"  Soooo I went to check on him and he was happily splashing in the toilet. 
So crazy, cause Amaya never once touched the toilet so I don't really think it's a big deal...well it is now!

For the past several months we have been trying to get Amaya to say, "Yes Mommy" and "Yes Daddy" when we ask her to do something instead of "No I don't want to".  We've done that over and over with hardly any results.  Well that's all changed in the past week or so.  She has been saying "Yes Mom" (not mommy) when I ask her to do something.  It's not always in the right context but it's definitely a start.  I would say she's said it at least 10 times now.  Woohoo!!  All that hard work is paying off.

Makiyah officially has 4 teeth.  Two upper and two lower.  He can give you a big toothy grin now. Love it!

Amaya has been accident free for over a week now.  (Except for at nights...still not sure how to tackle that one).

Amaya loves to do crafts now. She asks to do a craft about once a day.  I guess that's my own fault - now I just have to get stuff for her to do....(I don't mind it too much...that's the teacher in me. =)

Amaya asks for "something special" about every day now too.  I tell her she can have something special for certain things she does (i.e. telling me she needs to go potty.  cleaning up after herself. etc.) The problem with something special is that it's usually candy...gotta think of other something specials.

Mak is a stander by himselfer (ok that doesn't make sense but I like to rhyme.)

Speaking of rhyming...I love saying things that rhyme.  Even things that don't make sense.  Chad often laughs at the things I say.  What's great is that I have a two year old and almost 1 yr. old that love it. =)

I love nicknames a few that I use now and then: Mister Lister (for Mak), Mister Lou (for Mak), Missy Lou (for Amaya), Bitty Boo (Amaya).  When Amaya was younger, I would call her Missy (a nickname that Chad did not look favorably upon so I added the Lou.  I just can't seem to help it....

Wednesday, December 9, 2009


So I think Samaria and I are thinking alike on our blog posts.  I read hers today and we had the same idea: to blog about this weekend.

This Saturday, we had our final service at the old Cherry Hill Church building. It was bittersweet.  It was not as sad as I thought it might be.  I have some really great memories in that old building.  That's where I learned so so much. That's where I was filled with the Spirit.  That's where I learned how to pray. That's where I was a part of the first School of Theology (now called Outpouring School of Ministry).  That's where God changed my life forever.  That's where I met Chad, my amazing and wonderful husband!  That's where I spent many many hours in the basement teaching and loving on the kiddos. That's where I spent many early mornings in 6am prayer (I must confess - I spent some of those early ones sleeping for part of the time until my body adjusted to getting up that early- heehee).

What's so cool about all these memories is that I can take them all with me.  Nothing that I've learned is stuck there in that old building.  I am glad that the next phase of City Church has begun.  Although the name is no longer the same, Jesus is still the same!  He never changes.  The things that I have mentioned above that I've learned, have only gotten better over the years.  I was a part of some of the initial stages of some of those things and I'm happy to announce that much improvement has been made.

The other night when I was sitting in the old church building, it just wasn't the same. There were no pews and the stage had been changed.  Before we got there on Saturday, I had been visualizing us sitting in the pews and when I got there, I realized that there were none anymore. What was great, was the Eric Johnson was back to lead the praise team for a couple songs and that brought back many memories. That was a fun time on the praise time.  I had a chance to sing on Saturday but with the kids and Chad having to work, I missed out.  It would have definitely been fun! 

Friday, December 4, 2009

Christmas Pics

We recently had some family and Christmas pictures taken by Darcy Holsopple.  It was absolutely freezing but we still got some great ones.  I made a new blog header out of some of my favorites. Not the one on our Christmas card this year but still some very sweet pictures.

I haven't been the best at blogging lately..I apologize.  This week started off kinda crazy. Chad came home sick on Monday and then stayed home Tuesday all day.  At the end of the day, I saw Pastor David and he asked me if I was going to email life group (something I do every Tuesday) and I said, "Oh yeah, today was Tuesday, wasn't it."  It just didn't seem like it.

Today, is officially day one of my sleep training for Makiyah.  He's been a good night sleeper for a couple months now but his daytime naps have been horrible.  I can't get anything done.  Today I've let him cry it out both times. So far the first nap it took him 2 hours to fall asleep and he just slept about 1/2 hour.  This nap, it took him about 40 min to fall asleep and we'll see how long he stays asleep.  I gotta stick with it so I can have some time during the day to do things I need to do: Like blog (haha), dishes, laundry, clean etc...

If ya think if me, you can pray that I have the patience to see this through.  I committed myself to 2 full weeks of this...I CAN DO IT!!